Discover the Magic of Premium Keratin Lash Lift and Lamination

What is the Yumi Lash Lift?

The Yumi Lash Lift is an advanced keratin lash treatment designed to lift and enhance your natural lashes. Unlike traditional lash extensions, this innovative procedure works with your lashes, giving them an uplifted, fuller appearance. The result? A captivating look that reveals the true beauty of your eyes.

Beyond the remarkable lift and curl that Yumi Lash Lift offers, an integral part of this transformation is the addition of a tinting service. This step is what truly sets the Yumi Lash Lift apart, creating an even more dramatic and striking look. Our expertly applied tint enhances the natural color of your lashes, adding depth and intensity that lasts. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or a bold statement, our tinting service is tailored to meet your individual style and preference.

The Process: Lifting and Laminating Your Lashes

Our lash experts at Hello Lash + Brow Bar take utmost care in delivering this service. The process, taking up to two hours, begins with a thorough consultation to understand your lash goals. We then carefully apply the Yumi lash lift solution, which contains premium keratin, to your lashes. This solution gently lifts and sets the lashes in a soft, upward curl, creating the illusion of length and volume.

Following the lift, we proceed to the lamination phase. Here, your lashes are coated with a special formulation that not only sets the lift but also infuses your lashes with essential nutrients and vitamins. This step is crucial as it ensures your lashes remain healthy, strong, and luscious post-treatment.

A Tint for Added to Enhance Lashes

To enhance the effect of the lash lift, we include a lash tint in the service. This tint adds depth and intensity to your lashes, making them appear even more voluminous and striking. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a treatment that already promises to transform your look dramatically.

Safety and Comfort: Our Top Priorities

At Hello Lash + Brow Bar, we understand the importance of using safe, gentle products. That’s why we chose Yumi for our lash lift service. This brand is well-known for not using harsh chemicals, making it great for people with sensitive eyes or skin. Yumi formula makes lashes look better and keeps them healthy and nourished.

We understand that each client has unique needs and preferences. That’s why our lash specialists take the time to consult with you to choose the perfect tint shade that complements your natural lash color and skin tone. Our tinting products are safe, gentle, and enriched with nourishing ingredients, ensuring that your lashes remain healthy and conditioned throughout the treatment and beyond.

Long-Lasting, Hassle-Free Beauty

One of the most remarkable benefits of the Yumi Lash Lift is its longevity. This treatment keeps your lashes looking fabulous for up to 8-10 weeks. Get ready to wake up with beautifully curled, dark lashes every day, no mascara or curlers required. It also saves time for busy people or those who want an easy beauty routine.

Why Choose At Hello Lash + Brow Bar for Your Yumi Lash Lift?

At Hello Lash + Brow Bar, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service in a relaxing, luxurious environment. Our lash artists are skilled and passionate about creating personalized experiences for each client. We believe that beauty treatments should be as enjoyable as the results are beautiful.

The Ideal Candidate for a Keratin Lash Lift and Lamination

This treatment is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their natural lashes. Whether you have short, straight, or sparse lashes, the Yumi Lash Lift can work wonders. It’s a great option for people who want a natural alternative to lash extensions or for those allergic to lash glue.

Caring for Your Lashes Post-Treatment

To maintain the stunning results of your lash lift, we recommend avoiding water and steam for the first 24 hours. After that, you can enjoy your daily activities, including swimming and exercising, without any worry. The Yumi Lash Lift is remarkably low maintenance, yet it delivers high-impact results.

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